The Amelia Island Church of Christ worshipped for the first time on December 17, 1995 at the home of Mary DeCramer, 2135 Egret Lane Fernandina Beach, Florida. These facts are preceded by the following events and persons. In 1991 Charlotte Williams and Mary DeCramer began studying the Bible with Marilyn Hartage. South Jacksonville Church of Christ at the home of Agnes Morrissey in Fernandina Beach. Charlotte Williams was Baptized in Christ in 1995 and Mary DeCramer in 1954 by Brother Craig Williams (preacher Fernandina Beach Church of Christ).  Charlotte and Mary worshipped at the F.B. Church of Christ on 1005 South 14th Street until the fall of 1995.  During this period of time Charlotte and Mary noticed a turning away from the Apostolic pattern revealed in the Bible’s New Testament Church.

Charlotte and Mary became concerned with the Fernandina Beach Church of Christ’s use of monies to support human institutions and the social gospel. A meeting was held to discuss these differences at the church with L.A. Mott, a preacher and Biblical Scholar from South Jacksonville Church of Christ.  As L.A. Mott was speaking on behalf of Mary and Charlotte’s concerns, Stan Cunningham was speaking on behalf of the actions of the Fernandina Beach Church of Christ.  Others were present from the Jacksonville and from the Fernandina Beach church.

After the meeting ended it was the hope of Charlotte and Mary that all could continue to meet in order to come to some understanding, but there was no further discussions.

A Gospel Meeting was held by Harold Dowdy at Mary’s home in October, 1995. The Southside Church of Christ Jacksonville, The F.B. Church of Christ, friends and neighbors were invited to attend. There was a good turn-out as Brother Dowdy preached on The New Testament Church {Founder-Christ, Place-Jerusalem, Time-33 A.D., Terms of Admission, Mission, Worship, Organization, Name of Church and Members.}

With God’s Word firmly planted in our minds and with the support of our brothers and sisters in Jacksonville, The Amelia Island Church of Christ began in Fernandina Beach, FL. The Church at Southside supplied us with the following preachers: Richard Dowdy, Rob Fox, Bill Pearce, Doug Lyell, Victor Gorday and Mike Fraser.  Bobby Hartage set us up with chairs, song books, visitor cards and the necessary implements to celebrate The Lord’s Supper.

The Church started meeting at the local YMCA in 1997 with Bill Pearce as the preacher and Phillip Stagner and George Williams as Song Leaders and teachers.

Also, Garrett Raymer (teacher), Tom Lowe, Paul Lane, Lee Mickels and Rick Wollitz were members.

At this time the roles of Sunday School teacher, as well as bringing the lesson was shared by Tom Lowe, George Williams and Garrett Raymer.  Also, Brother Eric George from Lake City would fill in when Brother Pearce was unavailable.

Wednesday night Bible study was usually given at Mary and Garrett Raymer’s home with Garrett leading the study.

In Dec. 4, 2005, Brother L. A. Mott became the  preacher and also lead the Bible Study on Wednesday night at the YMCA.

At this time we were discussing the opportunity with the Fernandina Beach News Leader for L.A. Mott to publish the weekly sermon notes which he did for a few Sundays, but eventually they went with another preacher whose message they liked better.

During this period of time we began advertising with the News leader, mail outs and various other measures to get the word out about the Amelia Island Church of Christ with some success.

L. A. Mott retired on Sept 27, 2008 where for a brief time Garrett Raymer tried to bring the message to the church, but at that time many had moved away and some of the members began attending the South Jacksonville Church of Christ.

Along that same time the men of the church had a meeting to talk about what to do.  It was decided to carry on with the Amelia Island Church of Christ with Tom Lowe as the preacher and bringing the lesson until we could find a more permanent solution for a preacher.

James Flanagan was the song leader.  Joe Johnson was always available to help in any area that was needed.

This arrangement remained until March 25, 2012.  We added and welcomed new members, in particular Percy and Zandra Johnson. On April 18, 2012, we began again teaching a midweek bible study. Brother Percy teaches the Wednesday night Bible Study at 7:00 pm at the YMCA.

Brother Tom Lowe continued to preach the gospel until his passing on November 29, 2012. Percy Johnson succeeded Bro. Lowe as the preacher of the congregation, assisted by James Flanagan. Bro. Johnson continues to teach Wednesday night bible study. He is teaching the entire bible chapter by chapter and verse by verse. We began in the book of Matthew. After the gospel of Matthew, we will continue from Acts to Revelation and then begin in the Old Testament. We are also teaching new converts how to worship in Spirit and in truth as God commands. John 4:23.

As the Lord blesses us, we will continue to evangelize the community with the Gospel message and pray that the Lord will grow (add to) His church, but above all to conduct our lives in particular regards to the church service and responsibility according to Bible as our Lord Jesus has proclaimed.

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